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    Love / amore / amour

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“All we need is love”
The LOVE art project is manifested for the exploration of multiple creative possibilities and mediums, and to express and spread Love to its maximum, unbounded capacity. The project will begin with Public monumental sculptures; these unique versions will be produced, displayed and installed in varied public spaces in six cities across six continents.
The aim of this project is to try and make our environment and spaces more meaningful, beautiful and lovable by creating artworks and features within it to promote the feeling of harmony. The recurring motifs and symbols of love, through monumental sculptures and shapes for visual and contemplative interaction are planned as triggers of human emotion. In support of realizing these monumental sculptures, a series of artworks including paintings, sculptures and digital art will be featured in galleries, art fairs, and web and offered for sale to raise funding for the project.
Love is a powerful emotion and feeling that makes us experience joy and motivates us as humans to care for everything we love. When we love, we are conditioned to care for it. While the world seems taken over by conflict, deep down we would like for every person and community to care for peace, humanity, fulfilling relations, duties and responsibilities and contributing good to society.
At present we may live in exciting times, because we are inventing amazing things and technological wonders. At the same time we also are creating possible negative impact because of imbalanced acts in using these innovations that are causing harmful consequences. In current times, one of the crucial messages to share is how much we need love to make the correct use of significant innovations and creativity in a balanced way; to maintain peace in the world and sustain joy. It is important that significance should be on innovations for love and not war and destruction in a rapidly progressing but fragmenting world.
As an artist, and a community of creative people, let us take Love as our cause and objective.
Love for self, Love for humanity, friendships, responsibilities, knowledge, art and culture, inventions, and practical use of great inventions as a boon and make life on the planet earth more beautiful and joyful. All we need is LOVE / LIEBE / AMOUR / AMORE / DRAGOSTE…